A little about me | The lady behind the camera

 Photo by Emily Mitton Photography, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Photo by Emily Mitton Photography, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Hi there! I'm Katie and I own Katie Swatek Photography in Wagner, South Dakota. Thank you, firstly, for stopping by. Whether you are a potential client, an admirer, or just my mom attempting to run up my views, I appreciate that you took a look and you want to know a little about the lady behind the camera.

So, something about me? I have been photographing people since 2008. My base knowledge of photography actually lies in photojournalism. I credit everything I know in that particular field to Mr. Mike Gullett of Pittsburg State University. I picked up portraiture from his amazing ability to teach a girl who wasn't so sure about what she wanted to do as a career.  Now, I couldn't ever see myself without photography. 

I love macaroni and cheese, messy buns, yoga pants, the occasional glass of sweet wine and I have a serious Netflix addiction. In 2014, I got married to the most amazing man.  His name is Danny and he, at times, will be with me, faithfully holding the reflector during sessions.  He's the one with the beard, you can't miss him. He supports me in every endeavor and I couldn't love him more. In 2015, we gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy. His name is Jensen. You may see him as well. He does not have a beard. Yet. 

I believe in fun sessions that leave a lasting impression. If I didn't make you laugh or at least genuinely smile during your sessions, I didn't do my job. This is such a huge time in your life and you rarely get to be professionally photographed. And that's why you are so important to me. I offer something different. A little more modern, a little more contemporary with a bold, beautiful style. It's my personal goal to not only give you a quality product, but to also give you the memories it took to get there. I push myself to give every single one of my seniors the senior experience that they deserve. I specialize in natural light photography and gravitate toward it 100% of the time. Almost all of the work that you see on my website and facebook page is natural light. Though, I do have a studio, located in Wagner, SD.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by! If you'd like to see a large sampling of my work, please become a "fan" on Facebook or follow me on Instagram.  Clicking the Facebook or Instagram links at the bottom of each page will take you directly there.

Serving Southeastern and South Central South Dakota seniors and families.