The Basic Get To Know Ya

Photo by Emily Mitton Photography, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Photo by Emily Mitton Photography, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Hey there, Katie here.

I have been photographing people since 2008. My base knowledge of photography actually lies in photojournalism. My dream was to work for National Geographic and travel the world. Life had other, amazing plans.

I love macaroni and cheese, messy buns, yoga pants, the occasional glass of sweet wine and I have a serious Netflix addiction. In 2014, I got married to the most amazing man, Dan.  He supports me in every endeavor, maintains my stress levels and I couldn't love him more. In 2015 and late 2018, we gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy and baby girl respectively. His name is Jensen and her name is JorDee You may see them from time to time if we happen to be shooting at our house in Lake Andes. (We’ve got some pretty cool land, yo).

While I believe in fun sessions that leave a lasting impression and being at “work” truly is one of my favorite things, I have had to prioritize life as a mom of two and a wife of a pretty cool dude first. I devote every Sunday to being with them always.

My philosophy has always been high quality, low volume which makes my client experience so important and how some clients become more like old friends.

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Serving Southeastern and South Central South Dakota seniors and families.