My Very First Session -- Blogged

I am blogging a session. I. AM. BLOGGING. A. SESSION. Because I have a blog. One of my very own. Eeekk! How exciting is this? Sorry, it's the little things in life, people. I can finally write about all of the amazing people that I get to work with. And not just the silly little captions that I write when I post something to facebook. But actually write about little moments. Stuff that made me laugh or made me smile while I'm working. Do you get to do cool stuff like that where you work? 

So, what happened this evening? Beyond the amazing weather? And for South Dakota, not having 1,000 mile an hour wind was a giant blessing. Well, I got to play with a gorgeous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed two year old.  Not only is she beautiful, but she is hilarious. I think we played about 40 games of peek-a-boo. Every single time she would cover her eyes, then giggle and smile and light up the world a little when she moved her hands and looked straight into the camera. 

Her mom, Amanda, asked me, "How much do you love your job?" How much? I don't even know that there is an accurate measurement that can describe how much I am in love with my job.  I get to work with amazing, fascinating people, that add so many special memories to my life. I hope that never changes.

Until next time,


Isn't she precious?

Isn't she precious?