Senior Squad Application

So, I'm sitting here on my couch and I am looking at the time -- 10:07 PM. This blog was technically supposed to be launched at 7:30 pm. Fail on my part. Had a bit of an issue attempting to figure out how to link the application so you could view it in a new window.  But, I text my trusty website helper and she saved the day -- as usual.

Firstly, I would like to say how incredibly thankful and blessed I have been to work with five of the most amazing seniors this year for Class of 2013 Senior Squad. They made my first year in South Dakota, with this program, uniquely awesome.  Airel, Hayli, Nicole, Spencer and Sydney have seriously been the best. And, they have set the bar incredibly high for next year's class.

I am so anxious to start this process all over again and to see what the year 2013 brings and what the seniors of 2014 have in store for me.  With all of that being said, I am now opening up the Class of 2014 Senior Squad Application. The timeline for the process is on the second page and this application gives a broad explanation of the program. We will have a more detailed understanding at your personalized consultations.  You can return this to me in two ways: email it back to me at or call me ahead of time and let me know that you are dropping it by the studio.  

While I wish I could give the opportunity to represent me and my studio to every interested individual, unfortunately, I can only take 7 seniors from surrounding schools. This ensures that I am represented by unique seniors in a well rounded way.  Please don't let a number like 7 stop you from applying.  One of my favorite quotes in life is, "You never know until you try."

If anyone has any questions regarding the program, benefits, expectations or really, just any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on this post, on facebook, email or call. 

Good luck to all that apply!

Senior Squad Application
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