One Year Ago

Once upon a time, 

Exactly one year ago today, right about this time:

I got out of bed, threw on some red sweatpants, a Pitt State hoodie and I headed off to Good Year to get my oil changed. You see, my friends, I was moving in just two short days and making a 9 hour journey north. So, I sat in that Good Year and I watched Pitt State compete in the National Championship. I waited impatiently, tapping my foot and willing the mechanic to rotate those tires just a little bit faster. I realized about noon that I was going to be late for my own graduation. Super. They finished with all of their mechanic stuff and I rushed home. Showered, straightened my hair, had my mom help me with my cap and tassel and was, naturally, one of the last people to get my name cards and joined my graduate program's line -- you know, the people that walk out first. As I'm walking into the gymnasium, I text my sister-in-law and ask her to give my niece a great-big birthday hug for me and tell her that Aunt Katie loves her and that I wish I could be there to help celebrate her first birthday. 

We sat through the ceremony and finally it was my turn. I walked across the stage, greeted by a whole slew of cheers from some of the best friends and family that a person could ask for and accepted my diploma guard. (They don't give you that diploma until they KNOW you passed.) I switched my tassel over to the other side and celebrated not only having a Master's degree, but also celebrated a Pitt State National Championship. I hugged my friends, my amazing professors and celebrated so many things in one day. 

I'm so grateful for everything that has happened in my first year of big-kidness. I've moved, reconnected with old friends, made amazing and unexpected new friends and most impressively, stayed in contact with some of the people who are furthest away but dearest to my heart. I've opened a business, gained knowledge, made mistakes, learned lessons. I've loved, laughed, cried and most importantly, I've found a place in life that is me, mine. 

So, on this day, December 17th, 2012, I say:

Happy 2nd Birthday, Amaylee Jane! You light up my life and Aunt Katie loves you to the moon and back!

Happy One Year to the Pittsburg State University's graduating class of 2011!

AND Happy 2 months to my amazingly beautiful twin niece and nephew, Avery & Britton! 

Happy Monday, blog readers!