Why Is Your Page So Blank?

Blog 3 of 52. 

You see that, friends? You see three solid weeks of blogdom? Three weeks in a row of bliggity blogging? It's basically me on a blogging roll. I've never blogged this much in my life. But, hey, I'm getting the hang of it. Blog. (I feel I needed to say it again).

What's this week about? Why my facebook business page looks like the Sahara Desert. Lonely, sad, blank....

Ok, it's really not that bad. This time of the year, I call it the Graduation Lull, is when I am prepping for the absolute siege of seniors that are about to embark upon the journey that is senior portraiture. It's the only downtime I really have all year and I've been basking it. I haven't been doing a ton of shooting, but I have been busy! 

What have I been doing? 

Well, I'll tell you. I am currently creating all the really nifty swag bags for the KSP Senior Models, getting ready for our big senior trip (two more blog posts and I'll tell you all about it) and working with seniors who don't really like the heat (though, this past week was some sort of freak heat wave that I cursed multiple times.) This next week though, I have three gorgeous senior girls right in a row, then Thursday we leave for our trip! I'm so excited to kick off this season. 

I have done a little shooting the past week, so I will share those sessions with you here! 

Bryce | 1st Birthday

Bryce is our nephew and he's a doll baby. He's so animated and fun. 

Layne, KSP Senior Model

Layne, KSP Senior Model

And then we had the gorgeous Miss Layne. She is so stunning and so fun to work with. She is our Senior Model from West Boyd and one of our favorite Nebraska seniors! We shot around Wagner in some new and old spots and had a great time trying new things. I can't wait for her Premium session this October on her turf!

Layne | KSP Senior Model

And this week's before and after... I seriously love this image of Layne and Dan, the light guy, makes my job so much easier!

Until next week,