Abbie | Class of 2017 Yankton Senior

Oh, Miss Abbie! She had such an amazing sense of style and she had such a fun, spunky personality. Working with her was such a good time! Between her seasonal session and her premium, I don't think either of us expected the time to fly by so fast. Just love her! Here are some of her and I's favorites from her sessions.

Abbie is such an amazing dancer and cheerleader. We wanted to do something fun and different so we went to the local football stadium to do some in her cheer uniform and pom poms.  We also got to include a few in her leotard for dance in an urban setting by the studio. Absolutely LOVE. Plus, a few indoor in the all white portion of the studio. The light was killer that day. 

Urban Black Dress Senior Photos by Katie Swatek Photography
Black Dress Staircase Senior Images by Katie Swatek Photography

Wagner has quite a few cool little backdrops that I've researched over the years. Both sets of stairs paired with Abbie's black dress just made her shine like a total star that day. Plus those pearl and that dress? Girl. Stop.

This was such a cute outfit! I loved Abbie's sheer top and fedora look. It was the perfect mix of boho and funky fun. Paired with that gorgeous green locations of early summer. Tuh. Die. For.

Abbie told me she wanted that golden light of a late summer night. And I knew the two perfect spots. I'm not usually a big old tree person, because I think they say a little 1990's senior photos, bu this old gal of a tree is an exception. It's perfect for that country look that we were going for. 

Oh this boho styled dress was so so so gorgeous on Abbie. Those colors brought out her lovely complexion and the light at the very end of the night was too perfect. It gave that warm, pink tones to every image. And after laying in the clover, what's the best thing to do on a hot summer night? Well, get in the water, of course. 

Thanks for hanging out with us during your senior year, Abbie! It was such a pleasure working with you!