Miah | Class of 2017 Bridgewater-Emery Senior

Do you ever get supremely jealous when you see someone who just has THE BEST hair? That was me with Miah. Not only does she have amazing hair, but she is the sweetest girl ever. I loved her simple outfit choices that really allowed her to shine in all of her images. 

Here are a few of our favorites from her session!

Miah's adorable criss-cross white top paired so awesomely with that simple gray wall in downtown Wagner. And then what did we find on the sidewalk? Paint splatter from when that wall used to be graffiti. It was just screaming, come on down here...I'll be cool, I promise. 

There's this really cool old set of stairs in Wagner that I don't get to use often because of light but we really lucked out with Miah's session and got to use them. It was that perfect urban touch!

Miah's session was right at the beginning of summer so everything was that gorgeous deep green color and we found the oddest little patch of these beautiful pink/purple flowers. Still not entirely sure what they are but they photograph wonderfully. And they aren't poisonous so hey, that's a plus. We put Miah right in the middle of them with her amaz-zuh-zing crocheted white dress and we were basically just making magic at this point.

While not every single person can pull off the floppy hat look, Miah totally can. That black and white one makes me swoon and the flower field...well, kind of in love.

For her last actual outfit, Miah jumped into this simple, but gorgeous, nude colored dress. She reminded me of a Disney princess with all of her hair and this beautiful wild clover field we found. You can't go wrong with this pairing!

And of course, we had to end our regular outfits down by the water at my favorite dock. That dress looks so gorgeous along the shoreline of the lake and that dreamy backlight? Stop, girl.

To end the session, we put on Miah's drop dead gorgeous prom dress. Jewel tones are it for you, my girl. And you just can't go wrong with a prom dress on a beautiful dock on a South Dakota summer evening.


Thanks for choosing me to do your senior portraits, Miah! You're the best!