Bailey | Class of 2017 Rock County Senior

I swear, it's genuinely the coolest thing in the whole world to me when seniors travel a good distance to come to me for senior pictures. It's so humbling and such an honor to have so many wonderful clients who research their senior photographer choices and end up choosing me. I drove halfway to meet Bailey for her senior consult and immediately fell in love her personality and easy going nature. She was such a pleasure to work with this summer!

Here are a few of our favorites!

To start, we had such a bright sunny day for Bailey's session. She kept it cool and simple in that olive green vest and I knew the perfect two locations to go with. Typically, photographers drive by a place and oo and ahh and then you have normal people that drive by those same places and they're like...those are some dirty windows and some cement stairs in the middle of someone's yard. Trust your photographer, friends, they know what they are doing to make the weirdest spot turn out cool.

I totally loved this outfit. It worked with everything. Her dark denim jean jacket worked so well with her complexion at both the stairs and at our next location.

This was another one of those locations that I'm sure parents sort of look around at and think to themselves...."Katie, I'm totally unsure about this..." BUT. They turned out pretty great. Add a little model wind to that adorable jean jacket and she's basically in the running for All American and coolest Nebraskan senior of all time.

These are the exact same flowers we used in Miah's session (see previous blog). And it amazes me how different they look with each person. Bailey's adorable mauve colored jeans were the perfect thing to throw in the middle of these pretty little flowers. Still no clue what they are but hey, they sure photograph nice.

Same outfit, 15 feet from the flowers. At this point, we were starting to get such a pretty, diffused light down by the river and it gave us this gorgeous glow on Bailey's face. I love these relaxes poses!

These are probably my favorite from Bailey's session. Every year, I get to take a handful of seniors to this gorgeous wildflower field before it is either mowed or the heat of the South Dakota summer sears off all the petals. I always cherish these ones because they are some of my absolute favorites from the summer. Paired with Bailey's black dress, she just popped. PLUS, PLUS. There are always these tiny little mini daisy looking flowers that we found and they looked so beautiful with Bailey's dress.

We went from full sun to full overcast in the matter of 3 hours. But that's totally fine by me because down at the beach, we basically are blinded by the light if you go down there too early. Bailey wanted some at the water and it was such a beautiful night to go down to the beach. All the neutral tones really made her fun geometric dress pop. And that turquoise cardigan with her gorgeous brown eyes was the perfect pairing. 

Thank you so much, Bailey, for coming all the way up to see us for your senior pictures. It was so fun working with you!