Class of 2016 Senior Model Application Process

Oh, hey there. 

Upon looking at my blog, it seems that this will be a whole whopping two for the year of 2014. That's a record high! Whoop! Go me. Ok, you found my photo weakness, it's blogging. I get wrapped up in making sure the biz page on facebook is up to date and forget to post about all of my magical sessions here. I'm sorry, I'll do better. Next year, I'll aim for three blog posts. 

So, why you are really here. You want to know more about the new process of KSP Senior Models. Or maybe you are just curious in general about who they are or what they do. Hopefully I can explain. 

This model program is basically a trade. I'm asking you to represent my studio and my work. You are asking me to give you quality pictures that you are proud to show off. In exchange for this trade, I give you money off every time you do some legwork advertising for me. You bring in more people? You get more money off your final print and product order. Under the KSP Senior Models tab right here on my website, it gives a more in depth explanation as to what it all entails, what the benefits are and all of the requirements are on the application. So feel free to read through those. The actual application is located at the bottom of the page on the KSP Senior Model tab.

The main purpose of this post is to explain why there are a few changes. So stay with me, we are almost there. Every other year, I have not required any kind of money up front. It's been free. And free is awesome, right? Well, this year I want to stay awesome and do more. Be even more awesome than last year. I want this program to be something that people want to do, not because they get stuff for free, but because they genuinely want to represent what I have to offer. So this year, there is a $100 commitment fee. Where is the money going? Directly back to you. It will automatically be taken off of your final print and product order. Why are we asking for it? I want to decipher between the two kinds of people that apply. People who want a discount at any cost and people who genuinely like what I have to give. 

Another change: This year, we will not be having as many reps as we did last year. I wanted to expand so I chose who I thought could help me do so. The purpose was so well served and I love, LOVE, all 12 girls who are with me this year. But, in order to do the next change, we have to go smaller. And smaller is totally ok. 

This year, I want to do a group session with all of my reps in one spot, with fabulous hair and makeup included and someplace that they wouldn't normally get to shoot at. This may mean some travelling is involved. This may mean an overnight stay. There will be at least three adults accompanying our trip, and parents are welcome to join. But that's something new we are going to try. And something I wanted to tell you about. 

Last thing. I always get asked, "How do you choose?" Last year, if I knew any of the girls who applied from a particular school, I gave those entire school's applications to a panel of my photographer friends who live all across the nation (And one in Canada)! This year, with the help of my friends, we are going to narrow down to a small group. I will not weigh in on your application if I know you. I do not want there to ever be any question on if I chose you because I already know who you are. 

I hope this answers a few of your questions about the process. If it doesn't please, please feel free to stop by the studio at 106 SW 2nd Street in Wagner. Give me a call at 605-469-5243. Send me an email at or message me on my fan page on facebook. You can find the link to that all over this website, just click the facebook icon at the bottom of the homepage or click the facebook tab at the top of your page. 

I am wishing all the best to everyone who chooses to apply. I thank you entirely for the support and look forward to meeting you all. 

Go APPLY! Click the KSP Senior Model Tab, scroll to the bottom, click the application. Return it by email or in person or over facebook. Go!