2017 Senior

Maddie | Class of 2017 T.F. Riggs Senior

I could write about and share images from Maddie's session all night long. Probably all week long. That's no joke. Maddie had such a wonderful sense of fashion, was up for all my crazy ideas and was so willing to try a few new spots out for me this year. She is so striking in all of these, I had a hard time narrowing down to a smaller amount for her blog. 

Enjoy a few of our favorites!

This image may actually be one of my favorites I have taken all year and for sure is in the running to be a favorite I've taken in my studio...probably ever. My studio walls are all very light so whenever I get a chance to shoot some natural light in there, I kind of geek out. I love how it plays off of Maddie's boho top!

Another favorite and new thing we tried in the studio this year. Simple, striking studio shots. No frilly backdrops, no crazy patterns. Just a simple, single colored background and you being the star. I absolutely love how timeless these are and how Maddie pops in that gorgeous red color.

That blue patterned top was so cute on Maddie. I took it to a few familiar locations but used a few places within those locations we had never used before and it was like magic. It was the perfect urban set up.

That white dress with the scalloped hem and relaxed shoulders was like...perfection. We paired it with an old tin building and simple swing and a few of the flowers over by the lake. You honestly just can't beat how gorgeous she looks here.

The white outfit above and below was Maddie (and my) favorite outfit. You can tell by her obvious selection of approximately 100 poses here. It paired so wonderfully with the setting sun and the beautiful green that we get here in the summer. It is the perfect example of that Pretty Prep look!

Let's do a real quick chat here about how every gorgeous blond should wear navy. And floral. And navy with floral. Forever. This dress was the perfect way to round out a beautiful summer night with Maddie. I may have let out the tiniest of squeals when I saw this dress and was so so so excited to have beautiful light and locations to go with it.

We ended our night with Maddie at one of our favorite docks/rock beaches and that dress was just perfect everyone.

Maddie is one of my seniors who traveled the furthest this past year and I'm so excited that I got the opportunity to get to know her and her mama! They made my job so easy! Thank you for choosing KSP, Maddie!