Gayville Senior

South Dakota Senior Portrait Photographer | Maren :: Class of 2017 Gayville Senior

Miss Maren was an absolute dream to photograph. Between her super cool and original wardrobe to her infectious smile and gorgeous hair, I couldn't have been more pleased with the way her images turned out. She is such a gem and the true definition of inner and outer beauty.  We got to start her session out in the studio and do a few fun things in this vintage inspired dress. From there, it was an amazing mix of leather jackets and flowy tops. I couldn't get enough of her unique style. 

Here's a few favorites!

blonde girl in studio wearing a black dress with red lips on it

Let's talk about this studio portion! Gah! I just love what Maren brought for this part of her session! THAT. DRESS.  How cool and fun is that?! And red is definitely your color, Miss Maren. That intense serious face is one of my faves this year!

blonde senior girl wearing a read turtleneck in a white studio
senior girl in black leather jacket on a set of metal silver stairs

This urban outfit was to die for. This is how to wear a leather jacket for your senior pictures. It's edgy and fashion-forward and I love how versatile it was. And I swear, I have the most hair envy with this gorgeous girl! She has Disney princess hair and I'm totally jelly. 

blonde senior girl in a black leather jacket in a blue alleyway between buildings
blonde senior girl in white flowy dress sitting in tall grass

Let's talk about this dress. Is it a floral cutout on Maren's shoulders? Is it a spider? A scorpion? Could it get any cooler? Probably not to that last question. All of Maren's outfits were SO her. And so eclectically cool. And this looked GORGEOUS in all of these tall grass settings.

senior girl in white dress with floral cutouts by a fence in tall grass
senior girl in pink flowy top sitting next to old wood fence

Blush, flowy, paisley, sheer. How many other words can I use to describe one gorgeous top and an equally gorgeous senior? At this point in the session, The South Dakota wind was starting to pick up and we were losing a ton of light all at once but Maren paid no mind. She just kept smiling that gorgeous smile and we made it through just fine! I loved her last outfit. It was casual and just made her blue eyes shine, even when all the light was seriously gone. 

blonde senior girl in blue top sitting in tall grass and mustard seed

Thank you for coming to hang out with us and for choosing KSP, Maren! And as always, thanks for laughing at Dan's super awesome jokes.