Senior Guy Photography

South Dakota Senior Portrait Photographer | Leo :: Class of 2017 Andes Central Senior

Have you ever met one of those people that just won't get knocked down, no matter what? That's Leo. Leo is my hair and makeup artist's little brother and it's been a real honor to have photographed three seniors in their family (number four is on our model team this year)!

This dude has had a number of sport related injuries but that has never stopped him from pursuing his high school athletic career. He's played hurt, he's played in every kind of brace imaginable and he just kept going. His strength and dedication to his team and to the sport not only show his commitment but also the effort he puts into everything he does. I may be biased because I've known him a while, but he's a pretty cool dude and I'm glad I got to do a quick session with him this year. 

To attest to his strength and dedication, what you don't see in these pictures is that Leo had surgery on his knee not too long before his pictures and he was still able to make it through all the dude poses I have in my arsenal. That's something. Enjoy a few favorites from his session.

black haired senior boy in a button down sitting in front of his orange and chrome motorcycle
black haired senior guy sitting in a maroon colored super bee car in a plaid shirt and in a letterman jacket
black haired senior boy in an aztec sweatshirt sitting near brick and on stairs
black haired senior guy in a brown sweatshirt sitting in front of glass window panes
black haired senior boy in a brown sweater standing in front of yellow leaves in the late fall of South Dakota
black haired senior guy in a brown sweater sitting in tall brome grass
black haired senior guy in a letterman jacket holding sporting balls and standing in front of his high school jerseys.
black haired senior guy in a letterman jacket standing on a football field tossing a football in the air

Can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you, Leo! Best of luck, dude.