Wessington Springs Senior

South Dakota Senior Portrait Photographer | Whitney :: Class of 2017 Wessington Springs Senior

Guys, I'd first like to mention that I love my job and I love, love, love every single one of my seniors. There are images in every single session that I absolutely adore and I get genuinely excited to present those images to my clients. On occasion, I get to connect with seniors who are just above and beyond what I expect from my "job." Whitney was one of those seniors. She was one of my favorite people to photograph this year and her images are just one of my favorite sets. So much so that I took her session to make a studio sample album because I wanted to showcase them all. AND I got to work with Whitney on two occasions, one summer and one fall session and both were just equally amazing. I couldn't narrow down to 20 ish images for her blog so she's got a lot here. And instead of chatting about each set, I'm just going to let this gorgeous girl's images speak for themselves. Enjoy a lot of our favorites, friends.

brunette senior girl in blue volleyball jersey leaning against silver bleachers
brunette senior girl in red paisely patterned shirt with black hat sitting in grass and leaning against white building

Ok, I lied. I am going to talk about this outfit just a little bit because hello it's perfect. That color is so amazing on Whitney's warm complexion and that hat. I loved this because it worked in both a country type setting and an urban type setting -- so versatile!

brunette senior girl in a red patterned paisley top with a black hat sits on cement and yellow stairs
brunette senior girl in blue top and white leggings posing on a sidewalk in the middle of town
brunette senior girl in a blue top and white leggings leans against a unique brick building in a sunny alleyway
brunette senior girl sits on courthouse stairs in electric magenta romper
brunette senior girl poses in tall grass in an ivory floral kimono
brunette senior girl poses in a blue lace dress in the middle of a yellow wildflower field and on a dock by the river

And transitioning to fall. So, so, so many images! I love the variety that we can get with images when seniors book a seasonal session!

Brunette senior girl stands underneath fall trees in the middle of a treeline in South Dakota the senior is wearing a cutout burgundy sweater and olive pants
Brunette senior girl in fall settings
Brunette senior girl poses in tall grass and by log wood in a flannel blue shirt and brown puffy vest