senior picture photographers in South Dakota

South Dakota Senior Portrait Photographer | November :: Class of 2017 Armour Senior

I was so excited to work with November the minute she walked in the door at the studio. Not only is she fun and witty but she also is just an amazing person to photograph with her easy going nature. I got to do a seasonal with November and many options to choose from when it came down to cull through both her summer and fall sessions. So much goodness. Enjoy some faves!

Blonde senior girl in gray and white striped top leaning against panes of windows
blonde senior girl in a gray tank top on yellow and and cement stairs
Blonde senior girl in a gray tank top near tin

All of the above pictures were just perfect and so simple. We decided those two would be our urban outfits that we used at one of my favorite set of stairs. We went down to the river after those and finished up with our more country outfits. The light at one of my favorite, green fields was just too goo to pass up.

blonde senior girl in an olive top in tall grass in the country
blonde senior girl in white dress on walk way

Ending at the beach is always a favorite. The light is soft and warm and most days, it's our nice little break after the heat of going through a 2 to 3 hour session. My car's floor boards always looks like a beach after the summer season is done but oh well, it's worth it.

blonde senior girl in a white dress on a beach and in the water
Blonde senior girl with curly hair in an olive shawl standing next to fall foliage

November came back for her seasonal session in the fall and her hair got more beautiful, as if it's possible, and shooting with her was such a breeze. Everyone that does a seasonal session makes my job so easy the second time around. There's no nerves because, hey, they've done it before and they are just used to all of my weird quirky ways. We absolutely flew through her session. And can golden hour light in the fall get any better? The answer you're looking for is no.

Blonde senior girl with curly hair in an olive shawl in tall grass
Blonde senior girl with curly hair dressed in camo holding a gun and an archery bow

We ended November's seasonal with a few hunting images. That archery shot is my FAAAAVE. Thank you so much for choosing, KSP, November. Best of luck in college, my girl!