south dakota senior portraits

South Dakota Senior Portrait Photographer | Kyler :: Class of 2017 Parkston Senior

I'm so not joking when I say that all of the senior dudes that I've photographed this year were top notch. Every single one of them were so laid back, so chill about their sessions. And they all had really cool ideas. Ideas that were genuinely fun, full of adventure and produced some of the coolest senior guy images I've shot in a while. Kyler was no exception. When we chatted at his consultation, Kyler and his mom told me they wanted to do a normal outfit, something with a shirt and tie that was more relaxed and the rest would be the activities that Kyler loves. And that's exactly what we did. Enjoy a few of our favorites.

brunette senior dude in a gray baseball tee sitting on a paved median
brunette senior guy in a gray baseball tee in tall green grass in the country
brunette senior guy in a gray baseball tee sitting in the middle of the road
brunette senior boy in a gray baseball tee sitting next to a wooden fence in green grass
brunette senior boy in camouflage with archery bow in the middle of trees and a field
brunette senior boy in camouflage sitting next to and on a tree stump with various hunting gear and weapons
brunette senior guy in a blue button up with a blue, green and white checkered tie

Funny story about this dang tie. Ok, so Kyler and his mama pull out this shirt and we decide on this tie (which I totally love) and it's not tied. So I ask Sadie (Kyler's mom), "do you know how to tie a tie?" She says...uh no. And I look at Kyler and I say, "dude, do you know how to tie a tie?" Also a no. We all kind of look at each other is this going to work? THEN I remember that a friend of mine had posted a youtube tutorial on how to tie a tie in 30 seconds or less. So we lay the tie on the top of my car, I watch the video about 16 times and then voila! I tied a tie for the first time in my entire life. It was brilliant, ask me for the link.

brunette senior guy in camouflage sitting on rocks next to the river with a gun and duck decoys
Brunette senior boy in Hawaiian shirt standing in the river with a fishing pole and tackle box
brunette senior guy standing in front of high school jerseys tossing a football in the air
brunette senior boy in a baseball jersey and baseball hat posing with a baseball glove and a baseball at sunset

Thanks for being a good sport, Kyler and listening to all of my crazy ideas! Wishing you the best in college, dude!