What is a KSP Senior Model?

Want to be part of the most sought-after senior experience in Southeastern South Dakota? This is your time to really shine!

This is a representative program.  A partnership between you and I. The more you represent my work and my studio, the more you get back! Simple! Want a way to earn a huge discount on your senior pictures while being part of a super fun team? Keep reading!

Applying and being accepted as a KSP Senior Model, your senior sessions are almost free.  You become a representative of my studio and spread the word about how awesome your experience was. Each representative is given ad cards after the completion of a preview session and for every card brought back to the studio, you get more and more off your final print and product order.

What's the catch? No catch, no hidden fees. We do have a $100 commitment fee.  This will be due at the time of our group meeting. Where does that money go? Directly to your print and product order. At the time of your ordering session, 100 dollars immediately comes off. Then we add up all of your returned ad cards and more money comes off. You are walking away from your senior ordering session with HUGE discounts. Besides the commitment fee, we also take a really fun group trip that models are responsible for paying for part of (food and gas to get there). Beyond these two things, your investment lies solely in the prints and products that you purchase after your session. 

What are your benefits?

You get some pretty awesome benefits as a KSP Senior Model. Here are just some of the things that you get:

-Free studio/winter session and a free Senior Premium (up to 3 hour) session

-Free customized ad cards to send out to all of your friends. When they bring in your cards, you get free stuff and they get free stuff.

-The opportunity to travel with KSP

-Being generally awesome

What do you have to do to apply?

Easy! Fill out the application and either email it back to me or bring it by the studio.

Application (Note: this page is password protected. Please email us for the password.)

Studio Address: 106 SW 2nd Street, Wagner SD 57380

Mailing Address: PO Box 1115, Wagner, SD 57380

Here's my email: kswatekphoto@gmail.com

Class of 2019 KSP Senior Model Applications open on November 6th, 2017!


Kaylee, Class of 2018 KSP Senior Model

Taylor, Class of 2018 KSP Senior Model

Kelsey, Class of 2018 KSP Senior Model


Bailey, Class of 2018 KSP Senior Model