Session fees are listed under each heading. (All session fees are non-refundable, session fees are not included in the minimum purchase requirement).

I run an a la carte system. There are two fees associated with your session: A session fee (due at the time of booking) and a separate minimum spending requirement (due, in part or whole, at the time of ordering). You may pick any print or product to fulfill that minimum purchase. Your purchase is not based on the number of prints or the poses, but simply ensuring that you get what you came in for. If you want all wallets, please choose that. If you want to mix and match between flat prints and wall art, you have that ability.  Each time you reach a new level of spending, you receive bonus items as a token of my appreciation for investing with KSP. Any questions regarding specific pricing, please contact me. 

Investment Options

Session Fees:

I want you to have an amazing senior experience. So, lets build it.

Sessions are outdoor only unless an add-on is purchased.

Session fees do not count toward the spending requirement, no product is included in the session fee price. 

Premium  -- 3 hour session. 4-5 outfits, 35+ proofs, $600 spending requirement | $250

Plus -- 2 hour session. 3-4 outfits, 25+ proofs, $400 spending requirement | $175

Available Add-Ons:

  • Studio Add-on: 30 minutes | $50
  • Hair & Makeup: Beginning at $40 (More information on Hair and Makeup options can be found here --> CLICK ME.)
  • Family Add-On: Want to sneak in a few family shots during your session? This is perfect before you leave for college! | $25
  • Seasonal Add-On: Want a different season than you got in your Premium or Plus session? 1 hour of shooting | $75